You And What Army? How to Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice for the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt Out or Socially Defunct, by Lisa Bracken
The Path by Lisa Bracken
The Gift of Everlasting Cheer by Lisa Bracken
Circles In The Sand by Lisa Bracken
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You And What Army? How to Neutralize conflict and Negotiate Justice for the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt out or Socially Defunct

"... Highly Recommended.”  - John D. Baker, Ph.D., Editor The Negotiator Magazine

You And What Army - Version Specs

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Softcover, Print ISBN 978-0966450583

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About You And What Army

In a world fraught with conflict – sometimes hostile conflict – where access to justice can be politically, even physically barred, negotiation can be a powerfully viable avenue toward resolution. Negotiation, however, implies a compromising process of ‘give and take’ from those who are relatively equitably situated.

For those in gravely unbalanced situations and facing enormous odds, rebalancing the field demands a greatly enhanced degree of insight, planning and persistence… evolving adversaries and conditions while simultaneously securing vital interests.

With the capacity to be summoned toward a long-range campaign, negotiation, as a tool of equity and transformation, can fulfill an extraordinarily targeted and disciplined role in illuminating truth; paving access toward justice; and, facilitating sound social evolution, all the while serving short-term needs.

Developed in such a way, negotiation demands broad situational analysis; the design and implementation of effective strategies; vigorous community organizing; the building of sustainable coalitions; navigating and leveraging bureaucracies; neutralizing misinformation; launching a relevant education and media campaign; and, leveraging common principals of law.

For the figuratively outgunned, inwardly timid, burnt out or socially defunct, this type of coordinated approach may appear beneficial, but nonetheless overwhelming.

Offering detailed and scalable field solutions as well as worksheets amounting to an evolved strategic playbook, "You And What Army?" is a practical, easy-to-use, 870 page field guide loaded with powerful, straight-forward applications and techniques useful in structuring an effective, comprehensive and far-reaching negotiation campaign.

Long recognized internationally by scholars, advocates, and business leaders, "You And What Army?" is a necessary reference for negotiators, analysts, strategists, advocacy organizations, academics, attorneys, diplomats and anyone looking to bring effective insight, skill and leverage to unbalanced negotiations demanding situational maturity.

Written by an author with years of experience working both with and in effective opposition to evolve arguably the most powerful and under-regulated industry in the world, "You And What Army?" describes methods new as well as known – most of which have been personally experienced, tested and fine-tuned by the author under some of the most persistent, crisis-oriented, high stakes, and unbalanced field conditions.

"You And What Army?" was literally forged in the fire of conflict and cool tempered. As such, it represents a tried tool meant to reliably endure real use by many different hands under many different circumstances.

Only a few chapters of "You and What Army?" have been previously released. Earlier iterations of these chapters have appeared in such publications as the Negotiator Magazine (2005); the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India’s executive reference, "Effective Negotiation: Perspectives and Processes" (2007); and, most recently by McGraw-Hill/Irving in the instructor’s text: "Negotiation: Readings, Exercises and Cases" (6th ed.) (2010). Some have also appeared as part of recommended reading or incorporated into curricula by the USAF War College (2006) and the University of California, Berkeley (2009-2010). Those chapters: "Become a Persuasive Negotiator Through Better Communication"; "Turn Objections into Concessions and Adversaries into Advocates in Negotiations"; and, "Building and Maintaining Coalitions and Allegiances Throughout Negotiations" have been broadly expanded within the book.

"You And What Army?" isn’t just an audacious question. It’s an ambitious and necessary attitude in the face of overwhelming odds. From one who has lived it, I promise you…

Truth exists even when it is denied.

Justice exists even when access is barred.

Courage exists even when hope is lost.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Standing Tall - ASIN B005GFGS14

Negotiation: Benefiting From Gauged and Shepherded Solutions - ASIN B005GA75WU

The Negotiation Process: Preparation and Practice - ASIN B005GABDCS

Identifying and Managing Situational Variables Throughout Negotiations - ASIN B005GAAVAS

Enhance Negotiation Predictability Through Rational Decision and the Development of Influential Strategies - ASIN B005GA7BVK

The Intelligence Quotient: Empowering Your Negotiation Position With Information - ASIN B005GA7DTU

Reinforcing Negotiations With Influential Legal Principals - ASIN B005GABDJ6

Advancing Negotiations Through an Integrated Education, Media and Publicity Campaign - ASIN B005GAAUTU

Building and Maintaining Coalitions and Allegiances Throughout Negotiations - ASIN B005GABDA0

Negotiating Within and Around Bureaucratic Systems - ASIN B005GA7CUA

Neutralizing False Leads and Misinformation Campaigns in Negotiations - ASIN B005GA7F1G

Become a Persuasive Negotiator Through Better Communication - ASIN B005GA7FD4

Turn Objections Into Concessions and Adversaries Into Advocates in Negotiations  - ASIN B005GA7CZU

Tipping The Balance: Identifying and Implementing Leverage to Strengthen Your Negotiation Position - ASIN B005GAAUZY

The Spirit and Spirituality of Negotiations - ASIN B005GFHW0K 


Hardrock: Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb

“Haven't laughed this much in a long time. Nothing I didn't like about the book and hated for it to end.” -- Frank - Amazon

Hardrock - Version Specs

Digital Version (Amazon - - ASIN B003VS0ISM - price $7.00

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Softcover, Print - ISBN 9780615337067

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About Hardrock

When a family looking to escape the corporate pressures and gas shortages of a crowded 1979 Houston makes a break for Hardrock, Colorado — a tiny town supporting a winter population of less than a dozen — what could they possibly hope to find?

Adventure! And outfitting the neglected Quartz Creek Inn with an operational café, saloon, trading post and motel in preparation for a hectic summer tourist season is where the story of Hardrock begins.

Hardrock’s pronounced lack of amenities, unforgiving conditions and well-defined, likeable characters set the stage for hilarious situations in a primitive place where people make up the happily out-populated minority.

Languishing behind America’s modern culture, Hardrock’s pace is decidedly slow – some might even say stunted. But, at the end of this county road, life is yours for the shaping. Ex-lawmen and outlaws, hippies, cowboys and mountain men and women all add spice to an eclectic recipe for retro-lunacy.

Join the handful of Hardrock locals in the remote wilderness of the Colorado Rockies, where 14,000-foot peaks and the rustic setting of the Quartz Creek Inn conspire to provoke memorable misadventures and might just inspire you to stay.

HARDROCK: Crazy Jake’s Fish Bomb is a fun, fast-paced and engaging read leaving you wishing your virtual vacation to Hardrock could last a little longer. Sure to bring a smile, Hardrock: Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb is reminiscent of Patrick McManus, Erma Bombeck and Jean Shepherd in reflecting a uniquely humorous sense of time, place and point of view.

L. Bracken's original voice creates an authentically rich and imaginative landscape sure to make this book a treasured gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life or anyone appreciative of simpler times and a closer sense of community.

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The Gift of Everlasting Cheer


Available in digital version only through - ASIN B006PIYUQG - price $.99

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About The Gift of Everlasting Cheer

In the coldest and darkest of seasons, high in the mountains of the Colorado Rockies, a wood cutter huddles by his low-burning fire, worrying for his family as a fierce blizzard howls outside his cabin door.

With his wood pile gone, and barely enough food to outlast the unexpected storm, how will he and his family survive the long, harsh winter?

As Johann steadies his axe against the icy wind and prepares to fell the last tree standing in the village, a small voice cries out.

It is a small bird, and Johann’s kind heart is about to reward his family in magical and very unexpected ways…

A simply illustrated, classic tale of enduring hope, love and lessons learned for all ages.


The Path

Philosophy, Personal Growth

Available in digital version only through - ASIN B005G91NME - price $7.00

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The Path is a philosophical exploration of secular spirituality as experienced by one on a highly individualized journey of self discovery.

Throughout his experience with others, himself and their common path, "Seeker" discovers real and personal meaning as well as purpose behind the concepts reflected in the table of contents:

Conception and Wholeness through faith, innocence and wonder

Doubt and Dependency through default

Fear through action and reaction

Harmfulness, Needfulness and Compassion through transcendence

Resentment and Retaliation through trust, suspicion, assumption, blame and denial

Egocentricity through idolization and demonization

The Perpetual Cycle through interrelatedness, purpose and balance

Obtainment and Achievement through judgment, consequence, comparison, desire and patience

Reverence and Sacrifice through ritual and devotion

Self-Recognition through insecurity, ego, acceptance, affirmation, assessment, aspiration and love

Faith and Belief through virtue and device

Righteous Contenders and Exclusion through war

Conventionality through seeing

Restoration through perception and integration

Art, Self Expression and Self Perception through inspiration, symbolism and manifestation

Commodity, Bondage, Service and Exchange through opportunity, value, trade, greed, yield, risk and ruin

Confrontation and Defense through fear, cowardice, surrender, strategy, compromise, decisiveness and reserve

Responsiveness through giving, receiving and sharing

Assuredness through avenging, assaulting, tolerance and intolerance

Love, Fear, Hate and Faith through emotion, subconsciousness, vulnerability and strength

Oppression and Equality through social law and spiritual law

Dream Sense and Dream Being through reflection

Madness through recognition

Aloneness and Loneliness through contemplation

Mortality through loss and sorrow

Revelation through an originating source


Transformation through resurgence


Circles in the Sand

Poetry - Illustrated

A collection of 34 poems and 15 black and white illustrations. Available in digital version only through - ASIN B005G8C255 - price $7.00 

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About Circles in the Sand

'Circles in the Sand' honors and celebrates the inspiring and miraculous teaching qualities of nature through poetry while additionally exploring human emotion through our interactions with time, culture, loneliness, love, loss, war and hope.

Illustrated by myself in stippled ink (or pointillism), as demonstrated on the cover.

Excerpt - Circles in Sand (title poem, illustrated)

     elusive are the grains of truth

     that spiral to a dune

     spinning soft into the wind

     to sigh a wiser tune

     and though I hold the note of something bolder in my hand

     they start as these

     but stay

     shifting circles in the sand


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